Kilicoglu Machinery was established in 1992 under the name of Kilicoglu lathe, has got her present trade name in 1994.

In the present situation,the production of machines which aoutomatically set all kinds of metal accessories used in textile, leather, shoe, bag, packing, stationery sectors is realized and designed using the latest Technologies, at 2.500 m2 closed activity area.Of course, Kilicoglu Machinery gives support after sales services.

Kilicoglu Machinery has always priorities the quality in products and services by her innovative conception since her establishment date, today as well, continue her activities without swerving these principles. The superior qualities such as setting number, body structure, and durability, being wieldy, high level performance and competative prices and payment conditions have brought our machines into the most preferred machines in the market.

Kilicoglu Machinery has the ability of designing special machines in the matter of the automatical setting of all kinds of accessories which have the setting and riveting process in the sectors such as textile, leather, shoes, bags, umbrella etc.

Since the products of Kilicoglu Machinery are completely our own production in conformity with CE standart and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standards,we present the posibility of interference by true,rapid and convenient price with the specialization in maintenance and repair.Our company,who acts by the fact of protecting consumer rights,has a quality perception innovating and improving itself permanently in order to lead the quality of her products to the top level.

Kilicoglu Machinery gives much importance to the protection of environmental and healt whie implementing her activities and fulfills the requirements of that according to the national and international standards.Our company permanetly improves her quality management system in conformity with the conditions of the time and technological developments.